New 2016 Nissan Pulsar Nismo

2016 Nissan Pulsar will be offered as other new cars. It is built as a hatchback with the main weapon around its performance. Nissan will support it with some significant changes to make it more acceptable once it is released on the market. There is a big issue that the company will release it with great engine technology to make it more efficient in the term of fuel economy. To increase the sales record, it will be offered with affordable price tag.

2016 Nissan Pulsar Nismo2016 Nissan Pulsar Exterior and Interior

2016 Nissan Pulsar will be available with the revolutionary changes for its new version. Nissan will support it with some changes around its body kit to make its traditional design looks more modern than before. It means that it could be one of the hot hatchbacks on the market. As we know that this car will be redesigned from its predecessor that was released in 2014. It will be more aggressive than before with the different bumper around the front part of the car that is supported with colossal brake-cooling vents and also the larger air intakes. Furthermore, New 2016 Pulsar has chiseling apron to make it much better than before. The alloy wheels are 19 inches featured with five-spoke red brake calipers for bold look to complete the silver paint. New diffuser is added and there is a central twin exhaust around the bumper. The most significant change is the carbon fiber rear-spoiler to make it sportier than before. Its cabin has bright red speedometer that is completed the alloy paddles for the three-spoke sports steering wheels. It is built with leather upholstery of Alcantara details. The aluminum and carbon accents will make it more elegant as the new 2016 Nissan Pulsar.

2016 Nissan Pulsar Engine

To support its performance, it is offered with turbocharged four-cylinder engine 1.8 liter to generate about 250 horses and even more than 300 horses. This engine is basically also used by the new Qashqai Nismo. 2016 Nissan Pulsar is offered as the front-wheel drive car with new suspension, reworked dampers and springs to give better agility compared to the previous model.

2016 Nissan Pulsar Release Date and Price

Based on some reports, the car has been showcased at Paris Auto Show. Likely, Nissan will start the production in 2016. This car is basically designed for European and US market. The price tag is predicted from $20,000 and $30,000 to be the 2016 Nissan Pulsar.

2016 Nissan Pulsar Nismo 2016 Nissan Pulsar Nismo Side View 2016 Nissan Pulsar Nismo Rear Angle

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