2016 Mazda Rx7 Come With New Rotary Engine

2016 Mazda Rx72016 Mazda Rx7 has been reported to come with a new look for both its exterior and interior. This two-seat coupe will also get a new power that makes the car much better than the current model. Well, we also heard that the car comes with new rotary engine which is still under the development and this project is planned even for 2015 model, MX-5. The car is quite perfect because it has a low power but has a light engine so that it could have a maximum performance.

2016 Mazda Rx7 Exterior and Interior

2016 Rx7 is planned to have a lighter bodyweight which will make the car has much better speed performance so it could improve the driving experience. The design is built in advance and thankfully the final shape is ready to make the car gets its production. For your information, actually there is no concrete plan about how this coupe will look like. It is only said that Mazda Rx7 will be well-designed as a sporty coupe. When we heard about “sporty” it means that the car will have a stylish cabin, supported with a lot of improved features includes the safety system. We do hope that the cabin has a clean look which is not too crowd for a sporty coupe of 2016 Mazda Rx7.

2016 Mazda Rx7 New Engine

For the power plant, the car is reported to have a new rotary engine which could generate 250 horsepower as the expectation. If so, it will fit with the recommendation about the engine output which is below 300 horsepower. It is also said from the executives that this new engine concept is under the development and it has a big possibility if the engine for 2016 Mazda Rx7 will be a long-term product. The benefit about using this engine is because it has a lighter weight compared to its current engine so that it will make the car comes with a powerful speed. Amazingly, the engineers are trying to make a better fuel efficiency, reliability and also power output.

2016 Mazda Rx7 Release Date and Competitors

For the release date, the car will give five models as the new generation to fulfill the different demand and we found a trusted report that says the car will be released in the end of 2016. Well, there will be a tight competition between Nissan 370X and also Toyota GT-86 as the rivals of 2016 Mazda Rx7.

2016 Mazda Rx7 Mazda Rx7 With New Rotary Engine

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