2016 Subaru Legacy Turbo GT Release Date

New 2016 Subaru Legacy2016 Subaru Legacy will be one of the cars from Subaru that will get excellent innovation from the company since Subaru never have any fear at all to try something new. Before, the car was designed with impressive performance and the designs are superior. As it has been reported by some unofficial sites that the car is coming up with superior performance and quality to offer, that is why we are waiting its coming.

2016 Subaru Legacy Exterior and Interior

2016 Subaru Legacy gets some new weapons in order to battle some strong rivals such as Ford and Chrysler. The cabin is designed with more effective design especially for the presence of leather with high quality, seats, wheels and also dashboard. There is a strong recommendation that the company should prior the seating in order to provide enough room especially for both head and legs for the rear passengers. For the bodywork, it has clean look especially with the sporty taillights, LED headlights and also revamped bumper. The dimension will be better with longer design than its previous model. We glad to know that the company will offer bigger wheels, higher quality materials and many trim options. 2016 Subaru Legacy moreover will be provided with the safety technology because the company wants it to be one of the safest cars for the market. So, they will add airbags, safety belts, adaptive cruise control with stereo cameras support, collision warning system and also Eyesight technology system for the lane-keeping assist but there are much more. Absorbing materials are added to make the car effectively separate all noise from the outside. There is also central console with touch screen multimedia tool for about 6.2 inches with satellite navigation support for 2016 Subaru Legacy.

2016 Subaru Legacy Turbo2016 Subaru Legacy Specs

In order to boast the output to 175 horsepower, there will be four-cylinder 2.5 liter to generate 173 lb-ft of torque. The optional engine is 256 horsepower 6-cylinder 2.6 liter to produce 247 lb-ft of torque. Moreover, 2016 Subaru Legacy has better power displacement compared to the rivals. It is interesting to know that the company has serious plan to give more effective performance and fuel economy for this car.

2016 Subaru Legacy Price and Release Date

There is a big expectation that the car is coming up in the market in the beginning of 2015. It is estimated that the price tag will go for about $27,000 for 2016 Subaru Legacy.

New 2016 Subaru Legacy 2016 Subaru Legacy Turbo 2016 Subaru Legacy Technical

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