2015 Smart Fortwo Spotted Testing

2015 Smart Fortwo2015 Smart Fortwo is rumored to be spotted by spy photographers that found the car has been doing driving test. It could be seen from the screening prototypes we have found and we are pretty sure that this is the third generation which is fully covered with bodywork trim variation. Indeed, we did not see any change for the length of the car but we caught something new. This new car will be wider than its predecessor as a two-seat car.

2015 Smart Fortwo Exterior and Interior

2015 Smart Fortwo will receive a compactness assessment that will be done by the company. The company has been evaluated the car which has 60.6 inches and extra width 4.0 inches with the length 65.4 inches. What we have seen around the body is the significant different design presented with 4.0 inches upper track and 54.7 inches for the front with 58.3 for the rear part. 2015 Smart Fortwo for the interior, it comes with a great refinement. It seems the company wants to give more comfort for the passengers by considering the car built with wider design than the previous model. Thankfully with it, now the passengers could sit in comfort and enjoy the extra space for a much better riding experience. We saw some improvements for the cabin too in 2015 Smart Fortwo.

2015 Smart Fortwo Side Angle Car2015 Smart Fortwo Testing Specs

Under the hood, the car is powered with three-cylinder gasoline option with 1.0 liter rear-mounted engine which is prepared to the four-door model. While for this model, the car comes with 6-speed manual transmission support and also 7-speed dual clutch transmission. After the testing, the car could get the output for around 70 horsepower.  For turbocharged version, the car could generate 85 horsepower and from the hotted-up BRABUS model the car could produce 105 horsepower. If you love to see single-clutch automated guide, well you cannot find it out in this car.

2015 Smart Fortwo Release Date and Price

Speaking about the release date, we heard that the car will be launched around June 2014 as the time for showroom. Other reports said that the car will be started to go on sale in American market in the early of August, 2015. It is quite a longer time compared to European market that will get this selling car around three or six months before the American market. Whatever is, we expect the company has a good pricing for 2015 Smart Fortwo.

2015 Smart Fortwo 2015 Smart Fortwo Side Angle Car 2015 Smart Fortwo Side Car
2015 Smart Fortwo Rear Car

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