2015 Scion TC Concept Rumor

2015 Scion TC2015 Scion TC will be available with a few changes. It seems that the car will not get a major change because in 2014 model, the car has been provided with a lot of new features from the exterior to the interior. The 2014 model is known well with its luxury look that comes with a lighter bodyweight due to the use of extensive plastic usage to support the speed performance. Not only that, but using hard plastic also could cut the cost of production which also beneficial for the fuel usage.

2015 Scion TC Side Car2015 Scion TC Exterior and Interior Concept

2015 Scion TC is likely to still use its 18 inches wheels with the tires because it could make the car works in a standard speed. In fact, the small change that could be presented is around the improvements for its details. We think there should be a new paint colors offered so that the enthusiasts at least could find out significant refreshment in this 2015 Scion TC. While the minor change appeared for its exterior, the interior also seems giving no surprise. It is hopeless to see a packaging magic inside its cabin, but it is not a wrong choice if you think that you need to wait the new version. Since the current model has a worse sunroof that is claimed as a standard model, we do hope to see there is an improvement in this case. Another reason why you have to wait this version is because there is a big possibility that the company will fix any problems with safety, navigation and also infotainment system inside 2015 Scion TC.

2015 Scion TC Engine

Under the hood, we have a strong feeling that the car will come with the same engine as the current model. It will be supported with 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine in order to generate 179 horsepower and also 173 lb-ft of torque. It is not the end of the issue for 2015 Scion TC because the engine will be combined with 6-speed manual transmission and it could be 6-speed auto as the option. It needs 7.6 seconds to reach 60 mph for the manual transmission while for the auto transmission is only 8.3 seconds.

2015 Scion TC Rear Angle2015 Scion TC Release Date

For your information, the car will be available in the end of 2014 to start the competition with its rivals. However, at this time it is good for you to start finding best dealership to support you buying 2015 Scion TC.

2015 Scion TC 2015 Scion TC Side Car 2015 Scion TC Rear Angle
Scion TC Logo 2015 Scion TC Release Date

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