2015 McLaren F1 Replacement Facelift and Upgrades

2015 McLaren F12015 McLaren F1 is prepared in order to replace the original F1. As we know that the original model was carbon-fiber missile with 618 horsepower that had a price tag for around $1,000,000. So, it was built in the middle of 90s. There are some changes available in this new version. We cannot wait to see how it looks like when an ancient car goes back to future.

2015 Mclaren F1 Replacement Facelift 

2015 F1 is reported to come with some replacements to continue its previous model with an ultra-weight road dart which will make the car has the same performance as Bugatti Veyron but of course it is quite different output which is available for less than 1000 horsepower in this car. The design and styling is said will be between sailfish, falcon and also cheetah. For the platform, McLaren F1 will use carbon-fiber structure which is available in the MP4-12C as the initial reports. Well, it just the indication. It is quite different from the previous model because this car will have no three seats with driver in the middle. This new version is ready with conventional two-seater. There is switching body panels which from fiberglass and aluminum and it are changed to carbon fiber in order to save more weights for 2015 F1.

2015 McLaren F1 Engine Upgrades

Unlike the previous model that received 6.0 liter V12 by BMW that brought a successful power at that time, now 2015 McLaren F1will be available with the larger and more powerful engine from MP4-12C with 3.8 liter twin-turbo V8. There is also kinetic energy recovery system which could make the car recoup more energy under the braking so that it will be stored in battery or flywheel. With this concept, the car has a solution to power electric motor in augment by using twin-turbo V-8. Of course with this new engine too, the car could fulfill the demand at this time.

2015 McLaren F1Competitors, Release Date and Price

The car will have a big competition with some of its rivals such as Lamborghini Aventador and also the replacement of Ferrari Enzo. However, those rivals are great in power with a luxury exterior concept. Speaking about the release date, the car is estimated in 2015 but there is no official information yet whether in the beginning or in the end of 2015. For the price tag, it is around $700,000-$800,000 for 2015 McLaren F1

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2015 McLaren F1

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