2015 Mazda 2 SKYACTIV

2015 Mazda 22015 Mazda 2 will be available with a great feature since it becomes the main focus of its company to be produced. Indeed, the company has a big expectation to make this car could get a higher popularity in the auto market, while for Mazda 3  we have heard that the company only hope for around 5 percent of raising sales. Amazingly, the company also has done an excellent work due to releasing five models from 2014 to 2016. This new generation is reported under the development and it is placed as B-segment SUV car. Well, as other new cars this car is presented because of the inspiring Mazda 2.

2015 Mazda 2 Exterior and Interior

2015 Mazda 2 hopefully could come with a bit following the trends now or at least with something that becomes a good surprise for its enthusiasts for example by offering new color paint for its body. Moreover, we would like to see any change on its details. It could be a new taillights or headlights. Inside, we have a big expectation that 2015 Mazda 2 could get much better navigation, infotainment and also safety features than its inspiring Mazda 2. Since the car is addressed as a family car, we have a strong feeling that the car will be presented with roomy cabin which has enough space for storage, leg- and also headroom for 2015 Mazda 2.

SKYACTIV Engine2015 Mazda 2 Engine SKYACTIV

This is the greatest news that you need to hear about the car. Surely, the car is powered with new SKYACTIV version 1.5 and amazingly it could generate 99bhp with 150Nm of torque power. Some reports said that the company has confirmed about the engine that there is a big possibility if the 2015 Mazda 2 could be presented with 119/km for CO2 emission and 55.4mpg. If so, it means that this powerful engine even just the same with the SKYACTIV 2.0 liter that could produce for around 118bhp. The engine cost for around £300 with a smaller size which could lower the insurance. For your information, this engine option is only offered for SE Nav and also SE variants. With smaller turbocharged, the company has claimed that it has much better engine system compared to its rivals.

2015 Mazda 2 Release Date and Price

Speaking about the release date, we are pretty sure that it will take no longer time to release this car even if at this time it is still under the development. We think the car could be sold in the end of 2014 as 2015 model or for a late-coming, it could be around the beginning of 2015. Likely, you need to pay £16,995 to get 2015 Mazda 2.

2015 Mazda 2 SKYACTIV Engine Mazda 2 SKYACTIV TechnologyMazda 2 SKYACTIV Technology

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