2015 KIA RIO Concept and Review

2015 Kia RIO2015 KIA RIO is developed by Kia Motors which is also owned by Hyundai. Indeed, they two are sharing platforms, research, development and also powertrains for car. In 2012, the platforms were end and they started to make a competition. For the new version Kia Rio 2015 thankfully will get a redesign model even if some reports said that the car will only get a minor change for refreshments.

2015 Kia RIO Interior Car2015 KIA RIO Exterior and Interior

2015 KIA RIO is built with 5-Door and it has the same DNA mechanically with Hyundai Accent 5-Door. We have found some information said that the car will get a new grille. Hopefully, there is more color options for the car to provide more options for the enthusiast because at this time there is a huge demand for that. If the redesign concept is only for minor change, we have a strong feeling that the redesign goes around the light, chassis, bumper and also door panel. Speaking about the interior of 2015 KIA RIO, in the current model the car is quite better inside. It is completed with big LED touchscreen display and also climate controls with better functions. What makes this new version will not get a major refreshment is because in the current version, all refinements has been presented such as cabin refinement, space improvements and also enhanced materials with pleasing trims. The last but not the least, the current model has a good seat design which provides comfort which is not too much different from 2015 KIA RIO.

2015 KIA RIO Engine

Under the hood, the current model apparently has the same engine as Hyundai Accent. It is powered by in-line direct injection 1.6 liter 4-cylinder engine to generate 138 horsepower. 2015 KIA RIO furthermore also offers 6-speed manual or automatic. We do not have a strong feeling that the new version will come with new engine even if at this time diesel and turbo are on the top of the enthusiasts’ list.

2015 KIA RIO Release Date and Price

Perhaps the car will be released in the end of 2014 but we are not sure enough since there is no information yet from its company. The current model is around $13,900 but we are pretty sure that there will be a higher price for you to get the car. Absolutely, you will get the price that is depending on its models. In the other hands, the cost will not too much expensive even if it is going to be higher than before since the tight rival, Hyundai Accent for 2015 KIA RIO.

2015 Kia RIO 2015 Kia RIO Rear Angle Car 2015 Kia RIO Interior Car
2015 Kia RIO Headlight

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