2016 Honda FCEV Concept Price

2016 Honda FCEV concept has been introduced few years ago to complete the competition around the fuel-cell powered car. Honda has big interest in order to produce the fuel-cell powered car even since 2008 and now, they are ready to compete with other strong rivals with this concept.

2016 Honda FCEV2016 Honda FCEV Exterior and Interior

2016 Honda FCEV based on data we have collected, the company will give some nice look around the interior and exterior although everything is still a big secret for the official and public does not see it yet. There is a big indication that this car will go with the spacious cabin that is featured with the amazing accents around it. The engine is reliable to give better speed with best safety system for more convenience. Reports mentioned that there will be more than five seats for 2016 Honda FCEV which is offered with the modern cabin design. The design is quite futuristic with the support of the more elegant technology system from the latest version to give super comfort for the users. About the exterior, we think that the concept does not show it clearly but it would not go more than the concept. In another word, it has very aerodynamic performance with the stylish design. The front end will be more magnificent while the front part is built with the adorable headlights as 2016 Honda FCEV.

2016 Honda FCEV Engine

In order to support its performance, the company wants to use hybrid engine system. It means that they will need an electricity source which could be from hydrogen fuel cell stacks 3kW L combined with the small battery all packaged for its hood. This engine system is possible to help 2016 Honda FCEV to go about more than 300 miles per hour which is quite a significant upgrade compared to its predecessor with the output to produce about 135 horses and its charging span could be reached under 4 minutes.

2016 Honda FCEV Release Date and Price

It is mentioned by many unofficial sites that the company is possible to launch it sometime in 2015 for the global market. Honda has not released the price tag for public yet but we think that there will be a higher price tag to offer because the improvements. The car is predicted to start its premiere at the beginning of 2016. With those great innovations, it is not a wrong decision if you would choose to wait it rather purchasing the previous model of 2016 Honda FCEV.

2016 Honda FCEV 2016 Honda FCEV Concept 2016 Honda FCEV Front Angle
2016 Honda FCEV Rear Angle 2016 Honda FCEV Interior

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