2016 Ford Super Chief Concept Release Date

2016 Ford Super Chief will continue its predecessor. Before, Ford has released the concept of this car in 2006 with the design based on F-250 pickup truck. After almost a decade since its first debut, this concept took public’s attention. It is coming out with the unusual design that is very futuristic. Its appearance in 2015 showed about the Atlast concept, People is speculating that the company would like to release it for mass production.

Ford Super Chief2016 Ford Super Chief Exterior and Interior

2016 Ford Super Chief will not be too much different from the previous 2015 model version. In 2015, Ford applied aluminum bodywork for Ford F-250 Super Chief and we think that the Atlas concept will be the same. We also have a positive thought that the company will keep the striking front fascia design from its predecessor that was introduced in 2006 and this concept was taken from the design of Santa Fe Railway locomotive. Moreover, most of the design features of 2016 Ford Super Chief is possible to be taken from Ford F-150 Atlas concept. In another word, it could be supported with elements of F-Series especially the King Ranch trims. It is not surprising if you could find out new system and technology enhancement with impressive design in this truck.

2016 Ford Super Chief Engine

It sounds interesting when we also heard about the special Tri-Flex Fuel system from the predecessor that could be supported with hydrogen or E85 Ethanol to save the planet from gas emissions. People are expecting that the company would like to apply the concept for its engine department by using SOHC 6.8 liter 30-valve V10 engine in 2016 Ford Super Chief to produce about 550 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque with the three types of fuel such as hydrogen, E85 ethanol and gasoline. With this engine, the car has the top speed about 180 mph and it could cross for about 500 miles. By using hydrogen, the car has more than 12% of better fuel efficiency than the gasoline type.

2016 Ford Super Chief Release Date and Price

We have no idea at all when Ford will release this awesome car. The changes and improvements are quite better than before especially for the engine concept. It means that the company could need more time to finish all their expectation. We expect to see its arrival on the showroom around 2016 or 2017. The price tag surely will be fantastic for 2016 Ford Super Chief.

Ford Super Chief Ford Super Chief Front Ford Super Chief Rear Angle Ford Super Chief Rear

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