2015 Ford Lightning SVT Price and Specs

2015 Ford Lightning is produced by the popular automaker in America, Ford. This qualified automaker has been produing a lot of muscle vehicles for the worldwide market which is quite popular because the high engine specification. At this time, it is issued that Ford will produce the car truck to cover the demand of urban city buyers. Of course, this new version will be more unique compared to the other trucks with the F-150 concept and the main prior is the engine. It will be launched as the third generation.

2015 Lightning2015 Ford Lightning Exterior and Interior

2015 Ford Lightning is built with two seats on front and there will be two doors to offer. It is a pickup car that is capable to load people’s stuff around the back part of the car for more than 60 liter. For the Curb weight, it is about 4702 lb with the wheelbase around 119.8 inches and the length around 208 inches. Inside the cabin, 2015 Ford Lightning will complete you with the support of Audio Bluetooth, screen, rear camera and also all-new navigation system placed on the right of the driver so that it will make you easily drive this new 2015 Ford Lightning.

2015 Ford Lightning Engine

Under the hood, this new edition is quite possible to be produced with front-engine wheel drive system and rear-wheel drive so you could choose based on what you need. There will be supercharged and intercooled SOHC 16 Valve V8 engine that is supported with fuel injection system in 2015 Ford Lightning. It is quite interesting that this car will go with its Ford EEC-V engine control technology. The displacement around the engine is able to produce about 380 hp with 450 lb-ft of torque. For the transmission, it goes with four-speed auto and also lockup torque converter system. Its top speed could reach about 125 mph. Within 6 seconds, the car is able to reach about 60 mph. For the fuel economy, it goes about 13 mpg on city and also 14 mpg on highway.

2015 Ford Lightning Release Date and Price

There is a strong indication about the release date that could be at the beginning of March, 2015 but it is still unknown for its exact release date. It is also rumored that the price tag is quite high that could reach even about $24,000 for the base version. There are some color options to offer for the market including black, blue, grey and also red. If you would like to wait the LM edition, it is launched in July, 2015 with the color options of purple and white for 2015 Ford Lightning.

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