2015 Fiat Spider Price

2015 Fiat Spider will be presented by Fiat, the Italian automaker that has specialized to offer unique and excellent car. To produce great car, Fiat has some joint projects with other automaker. In this case is Alfa Romeo. This car is designed to cover the demand of sedan but with rally performance. It will be a sport car. The performance will be the task for Fiat while the body design will be the task for Alfa Romeo. Mazda also joined in this project by offering the engine from Mazda Miata MX-5 to be used in this car.

2015 Fiat Spider Abarth2015 Fiat Spider Exterior and Interior

2015 Fiat Spider has small body and its improvements will be the best weapon in order to amaze people. It is reported by many reliable sources that the company will design it with very stylish look because the stripes back trunks as its icon. It is also has been confirmed by one of authors for automotive magazine if this car will have 16 inches for the front wheel and 17 inches for the rear. Compared to PT Spider, 2015 Fiat Spider has more different look in the cabin. We found some reports informed that Fiat will support the cabin with some nice equipment to follow the trend and demands right now such as LCD screen to display all functions of the car to help the driver managing sound system, car mode, car lock and others. It will be built with four comfortable seats to accommodate more than five people in 2015 Fiat Spider.

2015 Fiat Spider Engine

Some unofficial information claimed that there will be four-cylinder engine 1.4 liter Multi Air Intercooled Turbo engine that will be used in this new edition. With the Multi Air Intercooler, we could see that the car has great performance with faster speed without any issue about the overheating around the drivetrain of 2015 Fiat Spider. With this engine, the car is able to produce about 160 horsepower plus 119 kW and this engine is also used by Dodge Dart and Fiat 500 Abarth. The torque power with this engine is about 184 lb-ft with the top speed for about 112 mph. This engine is quite great to be the candidate.

2015 Fiat Spider Release Date and Price

Still based on rumors, it is mentioned that the release date could be started at the beginning of 2015. For the price tag, it seems that it could be from $14,000 to $16,000 to spend if you would like to purchase 2015 Fiat Spider.

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