2014 Ferrari California Price and Review

2014 Ferrari California2014 New Ferrari California to get perfect specification to be used in hard area like California. It will be completed with new power and running gear. According to industry rumors, the California originally started as a concept for a new Maserati, but the resulting strain to produce the car led the Fiat Group in the Council Ferrari to deny, justify the high cost of buying the company.

2014 Ferrari California introduces a new line, the fourth model in the company the California will be built on a new production line adjacent to the existing factory. 5000 Ferrari California is planning to produce in the first two years of production.

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Ferrari California will use new version engine that will support its Performance into the maximal one, maybe it would be the current version of V8 powerplant. For the exact specification, you have to wait longer till 2014 come and launch you 2014 Ferrari California.

2014 Ferrari California Engine

Ferrari California 2014 will be completed with turbocharged engine. It has advantage to make the car even higher because the engine needs additional space to maintain its cooling. The production placed in Maserati develops 3.8 liter engine with twin turbo. However, it does not guarantee that new 2014 Ferrari California would use V8 power plant engine. Although it production firstly placed in Maranello, Ferrari says that the entire design of the new Ferrari is all theirs because Maranello is the one that has million facilities to support the production.

Ferrari 2014 California uses smaller high performance engines to obey the emissions regulations. Ferrari seems to downsize the engines to pass the emissions tests. Some guess that Ferrari California will include the old engine model as V6 in order to obey the regulation of emission. However, the design speaks that the new Ferrari will use V8 with 3.8 liter that would give 490 horsepower. Since the current model of Ferrari California had 4.3 liter engine, so the new one is still in test related to the exhaust and emissions tests.

2014 Ferrari California Price and Release Date

Ferrari 2014 CaliforniaIf everything pans out, the California successor could be introduced as soon as next summer. What do you think of this 2014 Ferrari California? Do you  think you will be falling in love to this car? Or, you even think that you will have one? We promise that we will update  soon after Ferrari announces 2014 Ferrari California price.

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