2016 Chrysler 100

2015 Chrysler 200 Front View2016 Chrysler 100 will be the best solution that works well for you who love sedan model. It works for you to join sedan clubs with this car. Moreover it is worth of waiting this new version because Chrysler will create some refreshments for the fans to cover the demand in the market. It is claimed that the car could be one of the new sedans with best design. The car is prepared to have a battle with some main rivals such as Ford Focus.

2016 Chrysler 100 Exterior and Interior

2016 Chrysler 100 Sedan will be available in appealing look because it is coming with try-level niche and it has very complementing characteristics. The car is claimed to get elegant design and expensive look and the cabin is well-equipped with excellent performance. The car will share some details with other models of Chrysler such as 200 and 300. There is a big speculation that 2016 Chrysler 100 has some similarities as 2013 Dodge Dart especially the platform and the other elements. Even though the bodywork is still unknown but some rumors said that the car will be more aggressive and it has futuristic style. Other rumors said that the car will have elegant and sophisticated look because the help of styles borrowed from the 2015 model. The chrome details are added for the new sedan to give expensive look but the design is new. In short, the car is more than just a luxury 2016 Chrysler 100.

2016 Chrysler 100 Specs

For under the hood, the company will reveal more for the first presentation in 2016, spring. Indeed, the company does not tell anyone related to the details of this new version. We could not expect to see hybrid likely because the company will launch it for fall of 2017. For this version, 2016 Chrysler 100 will be supported by front-wheel drive platform to make it as a compact American car and it uses 2.4 liter four and nine-engine auto transmission to attract more people.

2015 Chrysler 2002016 Chrysler 100 Release Date

It is rumored that the car will be released for some dealers in spring of 2016. It means that the company still has a lot of time in order to give the best design in this version. Of course, it would be hard to predict about the price tag for this car because it is still under the development stage for this new version of 2016 Chrysler 100.

2015 Chrysler 200 2015 Chrysler 200 Front View 2015 Chrysler 200 Rear View

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