New 2016 BMW X6 M

2016 BMW X6 M2016 BMW X6 is planned by the company to be available as the new version as the direct response for its fans. As the sister of the X5-third generation, this second generation car will come with integral part with the support of its four-wheel drive models. In Munich, the car is ready to be built and developed.

New 2016 BMW X6 Exterior

2016 BMW X6 is reported to come with more aggressive appearance even much better than its predecessor. Moreover, the design is quite different from its sibling, X5 includes the shape and the detailing. The office insiders have confirmed that the car will come with more individual look so it will be unique and has its characters. About the length, it is raised today that is for about 4910mm while the current model has 4877mm. This way is added to help the car because the first generation issue is in the cabin. With this change, the car will get more levels of cabin. Overall packaging, the car has adopted chassis but it is in longer wheelbase and even wider tracks. 2016 BMW X6 in fact will get new monocoque platform that could make the car more sophisticated too. It will offer composite steel structure to make the bodyweight in much lighter than its current model because the company will use higher percentage of high-strength alloys in hot form. Based on the report, the car is going to share the new axle assemble with 5-Series but no official clarification until today. What makes the car a little bit different from its current is it will has electronic system to cut the weight while the mechanical torque-vectoring system is used in the previous model of 2016 BMW X6.

New 2016 BMW X6 Specs

Gladly, the company offers new upgraded twin scroll engine turbocharged petrol 3.0 liter with twin-turbocharged engine diesel 3.0 liter and tri-turbocharged 3.0 liter 6-cylinder. The last is revised twin-turbocharged petrol engine V8 4.4 liter for both standard and M division. These engine options could increase the speed performance of the current car and it is paired with standard 8-speed auto gearbox. The good news that the company will offer hybrid engine ActiveHybrid plug-in X6 paired with twin-scroll turbocharged 3.0 liter 6-cylider petrol engine and electric motor mounted with lithium ion battery for 2016 BMW X6.

New 2016 BMW X6 Competitors and Release Date

As we know that the company has tight battle with Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Land rover. It is said that the next 18 months will be the time to introduce this 2016 BMW X6.

2016 BMW X6 M 2016 BMW X6 M Redesign 2016 BMW X6 M Specs
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