2016 BMW Z4 Rendered

2016 BMW Z42016 BMW Z4 is always attractive as a great car but we know that the current model is not enough to win the hearts and the minds of car enthusiasts. That is why the company has basic point on how to develop this upcoming version to be much better than the current. There is a big report that the car will get greater emphasis especially to bold the car as a sporty car. But, we should note that the engineers would not go overboard.

2016 BMW Z4 Roadster2016 BMW Z4 Exterior and Interior

2016 Z4 has new styling front to offer. It seems that the car gets new platform which could help it to have shorter hood and the design is quite conservative. The insiders said that the car is targeted to get a good look. About the design, the man behind the car is Remco Meulendijk. The new style will be clear around the decks because it is more prominent. Not only that, but he also changes the taillights in 2016 BMW Z4 so it is featured by LED L-shape that is currently available in F15X5. For the side sills, it is available with more aggressive design and the front fenders have sporting gill. The hardtop is the retracting roof as the current model has while a hardcore is presented in the rear bumper. The carbon fiber diffuser will be supported by two exhaust tail pipes.

2016 BMW Z4 Specs

Speaking about the engine, still the company has no confirmation at all related to its engine options. But, there is a big suggest if the car could come with various options through four-cylinder unit. Because the car needs to have better weight, it is better to not support the car with inline-six. With the help of sporting gill, the car could move more efficient.  2016 BMW Z4 is rumored to share the platform with the new Supra from Toyota that could make the car get another suggestion which is keeping 6-cylinder architecture because it is built by Japanese but it is possible to get different power outputs, we expect a much higher output of course. There is a claim that the car will get electric motors to get extra horsepower so the car will get lag-free sport cars.

2016 BMW Z4 Release Date

It is expected to go well with the plan in order to make it available for launch around 2015. In this case, we need to wait the official consideration for 2016 BMW Z4.

2016 BMW Z4 2016 BMW Z4 Roadster

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